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Film, Video, and Commercial Productions

Film Crew / VIP / Production Equipment Transport


With our base of operations in the Los Angeles area, Blue Sky Management is skilled in meeting the unique requirements of providing private aircraft for small and large scale film productions. 

​We work closely with your production team to ensure you have the right aircraft and cargo options for your needs while meeting the safety requirements of your legal department.  

Blue Sky handles all aspects of your film's private aviation needs, including:

  • Large group charters for your entire production crew

  • Private jet charters for VIP members of the production 

  • Transport of production equipment and/or cargo 

Our satisfied clients include Sony Pictures, HBO, Netflix, and MGM Studios.






​Photo, Video, and Film Shoots​

Blue Sky Management specializes in providing for the use of private jets and airport locations for photoshoots, music videos, television shows, and films.

We obtain the necessary permits and approvals required for this special type of location, and a Blue Sky representative is on-site throughout the production to help provide for a seamless experience.

Visit our productions site for more information on how you can book a private jet location by the day for your next photoshoot, video, film, or commercial.

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