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Advantages of On-Demand Charter vs. Fractional / Jet Cards

Cost Savings

On-Demand Charter is the most cost-effective way to travel privately. Clients who choose On-Demand Charter save between 35-50% compared to fractional flyers.


While fractional & jet card providers may talk about one-way cost savings, the bottom-line costs always favor direct charter.

Better Aircraft Selection

On-Demand Charter guarantees clients access to the perfect aircraft for every mission, without any compromises due to limited options.

More Flexibility

No Upfront Costs

Are you tired of being tied down to a long-term commitment or being required to make an upfront deposit? With On-Demand Charter, you can enjoy the flexibility of booking a charter flight without any of those hassles. Unlike some fractional programs, we do not require any money-down or have a forfeiture policy for unused hours. Book your flight today and experience the freedom of flying on your terms.

Charter clients are presented with a variety of aircraft options for each flight and can choose the most suitable and desirable one for their specific trip.

Already have a Jet Card?

Chartering is a cost-effective alternative to Jet Cards, especially for short trips. If you need more information on how to effectively supplement your Jet Card with On-Demand chartering, please call us at 310.317.0050.

No Hidden Fees

On-Demand Charter clients are aware of the total cost for every trip.

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