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Advantages of On-Demand Charter vs. Fractional / Jet Cards

Cost Savings

On-Demand Charter is by far the most cost-effective means to travel privately.  On-Demand Charter clients save between 35-50% compared to fractional flyers. 

Fractional & jet card providers distract potential clients with talk of one-way cost savings, but the bottom-line costs ALWAYS favor direct charter.

No Upfront Costs

On-Demand Charter requires no up-front deposits or long-term commitments.  Most fractional programs require money-down & these deposits are often overlooked when hourly rates are discussed.  Additionally, hours are often forfeited if members don't re-up within certain time restrictions.

No Hidden Fees

On-Demand Charter clients are aware of the total cost for every trip.

Better Aircraft Selection

On-Demand Charter assures clients of the right aircraft for the mission - every time.  There is no compromise with limited aircraft options.

More Flexibility

On-Demand Charter clients are given numerous aircraft choices for each & every flight.  Client's choose the aircraft that is most appropriate & desirable for any particular trip.

Already have a Jet Card?

Chartering can be a cost-effective supplement to a Jet Card program for specific types of trips, especially short trips. 

Call us at 310.317.0050 for more information on how you can effectively supplement your Jet Card with On-Demand chartering.

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